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Recently I got introduced to, a great online (web-based) in-browser UI design tool by a LinkedIn connection. I was in the look out for a simple and easy to use UI design tool that I use from anywhere, without having to worry about the files. I wanted to find a UI design tool to design a mobile application that I have been thinking for a few weeks now and it was perfect timing in a way.

Straight away first thing we all check is, is there a free package on offer from Figma, cause I am not a professional designers and it would have been a barrier to entry. Luckily Figma offers a free package/tier for a single user, and good fit for my side projects.

After few minutes to setup using my email address I was off to the races. Very simple and intuitive for me to understand the interface (I would say very similar to Sketch in a way at least from my experience at basic level) and I was quickly getting in to designing my app idea. Also I did a few google searches to find IOS UI templates for Figma, to get a head start and found plenty on offer. Also Figma offers you to import Sketch templates so even if I didn’t find Figma templates that would have worked out.

Below is a screenshot of the Figma UI, me playing around to design my app idea.

Also Figma design tool offers the ability to create a quick app UI flow, basically how the user will flow through the views. Then the best thing is you can share or even publicly showcase it with ease.

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